Gossamer Composer Integration

At the end of this project, all PHP package releases distributed by Composer / Packagist will be secured by Gossamer.

Integration cannot begin until the developer tools are complete.

Project Overview

Project Component Status
Packagist Updates Pending
Composer Plugin Pending
Composer Pull Request Pending

Project Components

Packagist Updates

Packagist (the server-side backend that Composer talks to) will need to be updated to integrate with Gossamer.

This includes (in no particular order):

Status: Pending

Composer Plugin

Goal: A (relatively) simple Composer plugin that uses the Gossamer Client to ascertain if an update should be installed or not.

Status: Pending

Composer Pull Request

Once the previous phases of the Composer integration are complete, we can discuss adding the Gossamer Plugin for Composer to Composer itself.

Status: Pending

Note: This development does not need to necessarily be done by Paragon Initiative Enterprises. Interested PHP developers should feel welcome to take point on any of the components that interest them; we'll provide security review and additional support as needed.