Gossamer Developer Tools

The Gossamer Developer Tools are a prerequisite before any additional development work can begin.

Project Overview

Developer Tool Status
libgossamer Complete
Gossamer Client In Progress (70%)
Gossamer Server Complete
Gossamer Command Line Interface In Progress (10%)

Project Components


This is the library that implements the Gossamer Specification.

All other components in the PHP ecosystem will rely on libgossamer to handle the essential complexity of the protocol.


Gossamer Client

The Gossamer Client is a configurable PHP class bundled with libgossamer that integration projects can use to fetch providers' verification keys and/or validate updates from the cryptographic ledger.

Status: Under Development

Gossamer Server

The Gossamer Server is a standalone REST API used by the Client when configured in a Federated Trust configuration.


Gossamer Command Line Interface

The Command Line Interface (CLI) wraps the Gossamer Client to help developers quickly manage their own keys and sign updates.

Status: Under Development